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Intro & Updates…

What are Threads?

How OS works with threads?

Definition of Operating System and Processors

What do thread and process contain, and the relationships between them?

How parallelism is done?

You, as the manager (called main), represent the main thread in the static void main method when we run Java. Think in this way will allow you to understand parallelism easily, where 2 workers (2 threads) are recruited (created) by you (in the main thread).
Imagine the time taken to cook for Mushy Peas, Cod Fish and Fries all require different duration with 3, 6, and 9 minutes to complete respectively.
The total time to complete a Fish and CHips dish took 18 minutes and it is very inefficient as both you and Fred are actually doing nothing at all while John is trying to do everything while waiting for one to complete before starting another one.
By performing tasks in parallel (with the help of thread creation), we have saved a lot of time to finish a mission.


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