Platform independence is one of the key benefits of Java. We need to understand what platform dependency is, hence, we also need to know what compulsion is. In this post, I will talk about how java programs run from scratch, back to how computers read codes from a high-level view…

It has been a while since my previous Mediu update. It was super busy and I was re-thinking which direction should I focus on for the next coming 6 months. Maybe I will write another post later on (around August) to talk about my career pathway before I graduate from…

Before we dig deep into what is a constructor, it is very important to talk about some basic terminology what are their differences. In the post, I will talk about property functions in a class and why do we want to use a constructor.

Have you ever think about what is the difference between an object and a class?

Difference between a Class and an Object

A Class is talking about the…

I have been using vectors for leet coding all the time. However, I still think that vector is worth talking about and its memory management in C++. Let us talk about the vector template class in C++ and its memory behind it.


The vector class in C++ is like a…

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